So what does “One-Pot Pasta” mean? Well, I’ll tell you what does it not mean! it doesn’t mean boiling the pasta and then reserving and making the sauce using the same pot (in this case the Thermomix bowl 😝), It means you forget about extra steps, it means you won’t see the word “reserve” in the recipe or “rinse” or “clean the bowl”; you will just add the ingredients one after another to cook a delicious pasta dish in less than 30 minutes.

Today we bring you a Quick and Easy recipe that is perfect as a quick fix for those midweek days when you need something quick but don’t what to compromise in flavour; this Thermomix-One-Pot-Pasta with Chorizo and Goat cheese  will make yo addicted to this recipe (we sometimes have it twice a week 🙊) . The strong spicy Chorizo flavour and the smooth, delicate and creamy Goat Cheese are just made for each other!

Some might argue this is not the proper Italian way to cook pasta, and they might be right; I hit the roof when someone cooks Spanish Paella with onion or chorizo! “that’s not Paella” I always say, and then I end up having seconds or thirds of that ‘that’s-not-paella’ peace of heaven. I completely agree it is important to be accurate when naming a dish but the name doesn’t make it taste good or bad.

Putting an end to this nonsense I just want to say that this non-traditional way of cooking pasta is AWSOME. The pasta cooks in a sauce full of flavours! this doesn’t mean I have given up cooking pasta in  the traditional way, but I’m sure this dish will have a special place in my recipe book! we hope you love it as much as we do!

Thermomix One-pot Pasta with Chorizo and Goat Cheese