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  1. First we will to make the dough by adding the water (250g), yeast and sugar -Temp 37, 1 Minute, Speed 4rest 5 minutes 
  2. Add flour, salt and baking power -2 Minutes, speed dough put the dough in a oiled bowl cover with film and prove for 30 minutes 
  3. Now we are going to steam the chicken, 1 litre of water goes in the Thermomix bowl, Varoma recipient in position and place the chicken thighs on the tray -Temp Varoma, 25 Minutes, Speed 2reserve cooked chicken
  4. Rinse Thermomix bowl and add onions -5 Seconds, Speed 4
  5. Add 50g olive oil -Temp 100, 10 Minutes, Speed gentle stir
  6. Add sugar, the spices, salt and pepper, ketchup and vinegar -Temp 100, 2 Minutes, Speed gentle stir
  7. Now incorporate the cooked chicken -7 Seconds, Speed 4 reverse
  8. Time to make the buns! divide dough in 10, shape the buns as seen in the video, using about 1 Tbsp of the chicken mix and a square of cheese
  9. When ready place the buns in the Varoma, 1L of water in the bowl -Temp Varoma, 20 Minutes, Speed 2