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  1. Put spring onions is the thermomix bowl -15 Sec, Vel. 4.
  2. Add ½ MC vegetable oil Temp. Varoma, 5 min. 1.
  3. Now add a whole pork tenderloin (approx. 600g)  sliced  into the bowl Temp. Varoma, 10 min. 1 reverse.
  4. When it finishes add red curry Thai, peanut butter Temp. Varoma, 5 min. 1 reverse.
  5. Add a can coconut milk, fill this can half way through with water stir and add to the Thermomix bowl,  soy sauce, brown sugar Temp. Varoma, 25 min. 1 reverseAt this point, we are going to cook the rice in the Varoma recipent! Using heat resistant containers add rice, water and salt give it a stir and place this container in the Varoma. Rice and Curry ready at the same time!
  6. Remove Varoma, get the rice ready on the serving plate and add baby corns in the Thermomix owl for our final step –Temp. Varoma, 5 min. 1 reverseSqueeze a lime, stir using the TM spatula and serve